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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Movie Review for May 16, 2014

Rated: PG-13
Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen
Plot: Godzilla returns from the deep, forcing humanity to come together to try to bring down their common foe.

Clint Says: See it in theaters if you love monster movies

As far as monster movies go this may be one of the best ones ever. If you're looking for cinematic perfection, you should probably skip this flick.

This is one of those great summer popcorn movies that gives you tons of action, suspense, chills, jumps and bumps, but you can't think about the plot too much. You just have to leave all reality at the door and escape into the movie.

The effects are A+ and the acting is surprisingly above average for a film like this. If you're looking for a fun movie without too much thinking involved, GODZILLA would be a great choice this weekend.

Rated: PG
Stars: John Hamm, Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal
Plot: A down-on-his-luck sports agent tries to right his career by creating a reality show in India to find cricket players and turn them into Major League Baseball pitchers.

Clint Says: Wait for the DVD

MILLION DOLLAR ARM is a fine film. It has an interesting story and beautiful imagery that is worth seeing, but it's not worth spending the money to see it in a theater.

This film is family-friendly, so if you are looking for an outing for the crew you won't be disappointed taking them to see this, but the movie offers nothing on the big screen that you won't get on the DVD. (In fact, the DVD will probably be better because of all the extras they usually throw on those things).

John Hamm gives a fine performance and Alan Arkin is a show stealer as usual. It's a great feel-good, inspirational story that you can wait another four months to see.

Rated: R
Stars: Tom Hardy
Plot: A construction foreman must make an unexpected drive to London. During the drive his life falls apart.

Clint Says: See this in theaters, if you like non-traditional films

This movie is not for everyone. It is not entertaining by any stretch of the imagination, however, it is highly compelling.

The entire movie is one man's 90-minute drive into London. There are no cut-away scenes to prior events, the only exterior shots are of things you can see from the car, and Tom Hardy is the only person you ever see on screen. During his 90-minute drive he makes and receives several phone calls that change his life drastically.

I would have never thought that a movie made in such a fashion would ever keep an audience's attention, but this film does a marvelous job of sucking you in and keeping you in suspense until the end.

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