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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DVD Reviews for April 1, 2014

Rated R
Stars: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Steve Carell
Plot: Ron Burgundy and his misfit TV news team move to New York to help start the first 24-hour news channel.

Clint Says: Let somebody else rent it.

ANCHORMAN 2 has moments of brilliance and several moments that are simply cringe worthy. This film is about half an hour too long and that half hour is brutal.

If you want to see a really good version of ANCHORMAN 2, watch the movie until he falls on the ice, then skip ahead to the last few minutes of the movie. You'll be glad you did and you won't miss anything worth watching.

I do give this movie an A+ for the completely hysterical way it makes fun of the 24-hour news cycle, but most of the humor in the sequel is just a rehash of jokes from the first ANCHORMAN movie.

Rated PG-13
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada
Plot: A small group of dishonored Samurai fight to avenge the death of their leader.

Clint Says: Rent it

47 RONIN is an interesting movie that fans of the genre will enjoy, but if you are only a casual observer, this will probably bore you.

Its slow pace allows for some incredible cinematography, but there is a noticeable lack of action. The movie takes more than an hour before it feels like it starts moving. When is does finally get going, it is intense and action-packed.

Like the pacing, the special effects are hit and miss. Sometimes they are incredible, other times they look like they were done on an old computer for a movie in the 80s.

It's not a bad movie at all, it's just not a movie for everyone.

Rated G
Stars: Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hiddleston
Plot: Zarina, an inquisitive fairy, finds herself in trouble and alone. She joins a band of pirates and plans to steal all of the pixie dust from the fairies, but Tinkerbell and her friends have plans of their own.

Clint Says: Buy this for the little princess in your home

If you've seen any of the Disney Tinkerbell DVDs you know the feel of this movie as well. I took the toughest little four year old critic to see a screening of this movie and although she was not overly thrilled with the entire movie she liked it, and that's saying a lot coming from her. (The only movies worthy of her time are CINDERELLA and THE LITTLE MERMAID).

Personally, I loved the foreshadowing to Peter Pan. We get our first glimpses of Skull Island, the Tick Tock Croc, and Captain Hook (voiced by Tom Hiddleston...awesome).

If you have a Tinkerbell fan in your home, she will be thrilled with THE PIRATE FAIRY and will watch it again and again.

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