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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Movie Review For May 8, 2015: HOT PURSUIT, THE D TRAIN

Rated: PG-13
Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Matthew Del Negro
Plot: A diminutive cop must keep a feisty witness alive so she can testify against a drug kingpin

Clint Says: Save some money and see a matinee

When I saw the trailer for HOT PURSUIT I'm pretty sure I let out an audible groan. But, I like to give every film I see the opportunity to be great. I walked into the theater with no preconceived notions of how good or bad it would be, and I walked out fairly happy.

This is by no means a great movie, but it isn't horrible either. It's one of those film where you can see it and enjoy it, but two years from now when it's on TV and you're flipping through the channels you'll turn it on and vaguely recall seeing it.

Sofia Vergara is funny and spicy, but her look changes so much throughout the film it feels like you are watching four different women play her role. Reese Witherspoon plays the straight cop well, but her accent and overbearing personality are truly obnoxious.

If you've seen the other comedies that are out in theaters now and are still looking for something funny to see, you might as well give this one a try. It's not going to be one you'll see again and again, but you also won't be upset that you spent a few bucks to go to the movies.

Rated: R
Stars: Jack Black, James Marsden
Plot: When a regular guy can't get anyone to RSVP for their high school reunion he hatches a plan to bring in their former classmate that became a Hollywood actor hoping the others will follow

Clint Says: Wait for the DVD and make someone else rent it

THE D TRAIN is a complete train wreck. Imagine a sequel to THE BREAKFAST CLUB where Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez, who ended up marrying Ally Sheedy, are a little bit too happy to see each other after all those years. That is THE D TRAIN in a nut shell.

It's got the feel and soundtrack of an 80s flick, but it's about a group of adults that graduated high school in 1994 and it's set in 2014.

It's not funny, it's not dramatic, it's not even quirky or weird. It's just there. I'm a huge fan of Jack Black, but this movie does not do him justice. I'm glad to see him in more serious roles, but this isn't it.

At 97 minutes you'd think this movie goes by pretty fast. Unfortunately, it drags on making that 97 minutes feel more like three hours. It's time you will never get back.

Even die hard Jack Black fans should skip this flick. Otherwise you'll be disappointed.

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