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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DVD Review for August 26, 2014

Rated - PG-13
Stars: Adam Sandler, Drew Berrymore
Plot: Two single parents that can't stand each other end up on the same African safari.

Clint Says: It's worth a rental

While I will say this movie is significantly better that Sandler's last four or five movies, that's still not saying very much. It's not quite funny enough and it's not quite heartwarming enough, but it does enough to keep the audience fairly entertained throughout.

I was pleasantly surprised that the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore is still there like in 50 FIRST DATES. And the addition of some of Sandler's regular go-to actors add a fun element to the film.

Sandler really hasn't made a film worth talking about for several years, but this is his best work in quite a while.

Rated - PG
Stars: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Tom Felton
Plot: A mixed-race woman is raised in a life of aristocracy, but, because of the color of her skin, is still shunned.

Clint Says: Rent this as soon as possible

This movie is based on the true story of Dido Belle Lindsay and it is a highly compelling tale. The acting is superb and the story is fascinating. It is by no means a fast-paced movie, but the content will keep you engaged throughout.

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