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Friday, March 7, 2014

Movie Review for March 7, 2014

Rated R
Stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green
Plot: The Persian Navy led by Xerxes and Artemisia invade Greece while Greek General Themistokles tries to stop the onslaught.

Clint Says: Don't even bother

This movie is nothing more than war porn. It does everything it can to quickly push through the sub-par plot with boring narration and team-building speeches in order to get to the action shots. When it does finally get to the war scenes, the director goes lazy with shaky camera and super slow motion kill shots.

The only people that will like this movie are 20-year old male gamers because it is full of the two B's: Blood and boobs. If you don't fit that category stay far away from this flick.

Rated PG
Stars: Ty Burrell, Max Charles
Plot: A genius dog and his adopted son must try to find a way to fix a rift in the time/space continuum that they created.

Clint Says: Wait until after opening weekend, but see this in theaters

MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN is the latest impressive animated offering from Dreamworks. It's from the same team that created THE CROODS and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, both exemplary films.

This film is fun for the kids and is entertaining for the adults as well. It is refreshing to see an animated movie that allows the characters to use brain power, creativity and ingenuity to solve problems rather than the typical lucky bumbling of a goofball.

The relationship between Mr. Peabody and Sherman is sweet and endearing. I highly recommend this film for all ages and I personally can't wait until this movie comes out on DVD.

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